On Fighting, Dreaming, and Weaving

A year ago I got invited by the Centre National de Littérature Luxembourg to write a book about my work. And now it’s out!

Can’t believe it. It was honestly quite a challenge, but I enjoyed the process a lot. I used this opportunity to playfully reflect on the last three works WARRIOR, DREAMER, and WEAVER and open the doors for new paths.
I went through old notebooks and rehearsal notes and reached out to people who have been part of my work in some way or another over the last years.
I was lucky to have wonderful support by Heike Bröckerhoff (concept and advice) and Daniela Lieb from CNL and great exchanges with Sigrid Kopperdal, marc lohr, Thomas Schaupp and Luca de Vitis/The holy garbage.

Official book launch is on 3rd of July at Trois C-L Maison pour la danse in Luxembourg, but the book can already be ordered online at the website of CNL


Through the wire

10 sessions with 10 wonderful participants - this means 10 hours of imagined dances!

What a wonderful time we had.

While it rained cats and dogs outside, we created fantasy worlds inside and moved our imaginary bodies. I am very grateful for these 10 new encounters.


Through the wire is back

Save the date!

From May 17-23 the one-on-one telephone project Through the wire will be back at Neimënster!

So excited to get back to this work!

Stay tuned


Change of scenery

This month I have had the great opportunity to be in residency in Taipei at @shinehousetw. I am grateful for the rich and inspiring time I was able to spend here, facilitating some workshops and performing WARRIOR at „Want to dance Festival“✨
What an intense experience!
So many new impressions!
It was so nice to meet and spend time with old and new friends and share stage with other fantastic artists.

Thank you @trois.cl for facilitating (exchange) and the support and @shinehousetw for having me



Thank you Happy days :)
After 3 intense days my heart is filled with joy and inspiration. So nice to meet, connect and exchange with wonderful people from the dance bubble. I was able to discover so many other artists and their work and am grateful that I had the opportunity to present my solo Warrior✨.
After one year of break, Warrior is alive again and ready for more!✨
Thank you for the support and invitation @reseaugrandluxe @trois.cl @baumgarten_bernard @polesudstrasbourg

Next date 20.4.2024 at Want to dance Festival in Taipei!


Portrait at Tageblatt.lu

Some weeks ago I had a wonderful chat with journalist and author Amélie Vrla. Today the luxembourgish newspaper Tageblatt published this beautiful portrait. Thank you Amélie for your words and the talk.

„Because it is sometimes in pure movement that we find the vital energy we need to move forward, to create, and to give the spiral of existence an upward momentum.“
- never thought I would ever say something like this😂 but it’s true✨


Warrior is back

WARRIOR is back💥

I can't believe that after 6 years WARRIOR is still alive! I am so grateful for this. This solo is still so relevant and practicing and performing it gives me so much.

WARRIOR is gonna be back on stage on 4.4.2024 at plateforme chorégraphique HAPPY DAYS :) in Strasbourg (FR) @polesudstrasbourg organized by @reseaugrandluxe
I am looking forward to get back to this solo, meet the wonderful audience and share stage with many great artists✨

#utopicproductionsbyamh #aerowavestwenty20 #warrior #contemporarydance #choreography #stilltouring


The Art of Faux Pas Podcast #6

Some weeks ago I had a nice chat with @leatirabasso for the 6th episode of her podcast @theartoffauxpas
Failure is the topic… it’s a hard one I must say…
In case you are curious, you can listen to it on Apple Podcast / Spotify / Deezer / Amazon Music 🎙️
There are many other episodes to discover where brilliant colleagues share their thoughts and experiences ✨

📸by @lynntheisen

#podcast #failure #artistslife #choreography #contemporarydance


IETM Focus Meeting Luxembourg

Just spend 3 inspiring days in at the IETM Focus Meeting in Luxembourg. "Lost in transition" was the topic and we continued our discussion about ecology and sustainability, art and activism in smaller groups.

It was intense and wonderful.  This format enabled for so many beautiful encounters and deep exchanges, change of perspectives and concrete steps.
Big shout out to the organization, neimënster for hosting us and all the participants, it’s been an honor to spend time together.

🙏🏻 @kulturlx for support


Trip to South Korea

Since 6 of October I am in South Korea and tomorrow is already my ast day. What a trip!

I am so grateful for the time I was able to spend here and grateful that my work makes me experience so many different places.
In the past 2,5 weeks I was
*hugging old friends and meeting new friends at the Performing Arts Market Seoul (PAMS) and at Busan International Dance Market (BIDAM) and Busan Arts Market (BPAM)
*sharing my practice, dancing and art at Deagu City Dance Company
*exchanging, networking, speed-dating and seeing shows and rehearsals
*laughing, being overwhelmed and eating delicious food 😂
*discovering new places and revisiting some memories from 2019.

Looking forward for more


Summer residency - throw back

Research residency at Uferstudios by Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg in collaboration with the Embassy of Luxemburg in Berlin


Summer residency - insight #6

Throwback to week 6– time to map

In this last week, I spent several days alone, taking the time to digest all the different encounters and information.


I rediscovered Jonathan Burrows “A choreographer’s handbook”. The following passages resonated with me:



“If I have a subject I want to pursue and I want to show it in movement, then I had better find the right language to say it.

It is very easy, when we know what we want to say, to fool ourselves into thinking we’re saying it.

Faced with movement, the first subject the audience see is ‘movement’.

What can movement say?”

“What can dance do?

What can’t dance do?

Dance can’t do everything.”

Dramaturg Heike Bröckerhoff spent one day with me in the studio, helping me to refelect in a playful way on the past weeks and where I am at the moment. It was time for games and mapping.

Research residency at Uferstudios by Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg in collaboration with the Embassy of Luxemburg in Berlin


Summer residency - insight #5

Throwback to week 5 – listening and checking in

Week 5 was marked by two intensive meetings.

Together with dramaturg Thomas Schaupp and musician marc lohr we spend a day, reflecting upon the past process of WEAVER and checking in with each other on where we want to go from here.

It was an intense day of exchange, asking many fundamental questions and hearing about everyone’s current interests, wishes and needs.

After having worked together for so many years, it is just so important to give time to these relations and not take them for granted. We all grow (older) and our needs and wishes change and adapt. In the creation process there is never the time to have these kinds of deeper conversations.

It was very inspiring to think together about what the work needs in the future:

What kind of input?

What kind of working structures?

What kind of team and capacities?


We also discussed my current basic question:

After having tried already several different approaches to dance – what can dance (choreography) (still) do? What other ways of working with dance and choreography are there to explore?

With marc we spent a day listening to and talking about music.

What moves you?

What touches you?
How can we speak about music and sound?
How does sound operate on the body?

Research residency at Uferstudios by Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg in collaboration with the Embassy of Luxemburg in Berlin


Summer residency - insight #4

Throwback to week 4 – connecting through movement

I invited the artist Kasia Wolinska to join me for the 4th week of the residency. This encounter was based on the exchange and sharing of movement practice.
It was so interesting to meet in this way, through the body and the practice and the memories stored in the body, leading to deep conversations about technique and practices, working methods and working conditions. It was a very direct way to exchange ideas and get to know each other.

Without explicitly talking about “portrait” we gave each other insights into our respective current thoughts and also doubts and frustrations.

Through Kasia I rediscovered Steve Paxton's „Material for the spine“ and we danced to music, breathing and sweating.

Research residency at Uferstudios by Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg in collaboration with the Embassy of Luxemburg in Berlin


Summer residency - insight #2-3

Throwback to week 2+3 – first encounter

I invited the artist Joséphine Evrard to join me for the 2nd and 3rd week of the residency. Joséphine was already involved as a voice coach in the creation for WARRIOR and WEAVER, but we had never met in this more open research format.
What is an encounter?

What does it mean to meet /encounter someone?

What aspects meet?

What is an exchange or what do you exchange?

How do I formulate an invitation?

What roles are present (dancer, choreographer…)?

We met through the mirrors, encountered a white dear, sat in the garden of Uferstudios and discovered sommon references of our past.

Research residency at Uferstudios by Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg in collaboration with the Embassy of Luxemburg in Berlin


Summer residency - insight

Throwback to week 1 – alone in the studio

It was my first time back at the studio after the creation and tour of WEAVER earlier this spring.

I entered the studio with many questions and excitement. By the end of day 1 I realized, I also brought with me many expectations that first had to be uncovered and let go before I could potentially sink into a research mode. Paradoxically there need to be great focus but also a state of relaxedness into what is there. This is not a project, not a production but time for myself, for my nourishment, for my thoughts and doubts, without having to produce anything specific. I am very grateful for this opportunity, but also have to admit that it needs a lot of calmness and in a way self-discipline and strength to be able to relax into that situation.

Three questions to week 1:

What surprised you?

I was surprised by how difficult it was to enjoy dancing and practicing without already thinking of what it produces towards the outside. I expected to feel a big joy to improvise and dwell in my own movement explorations and had to realize that these expectations were not met at all.

What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed having this big room for myself. I discovered the Peruvian cumbia band Los Mirlos and enjoyed dancing to their music. Furthermore, I enjoyed moments where I could feel a flow, no matter how long it lasted. What is flow?

I enjoyed feeling the weather outside the studio.

How would you summarize this week?

I was busy with 2 things. One was my movement practice, which brought me to think about my identity as a dancer. There was some grief involved.

The other thing I was busy with was Cindy Sherman and the topic of portrait and selfie.

I had difficulties to find the focus and relax my mind. I was interested in the topic of “portrait” and “self-portraits” and brought different mirrors and reflection surfaces into the studio. Bringing these materials to the studio has helped me take up space, settle in and liven up the studio. At the same time, these materials made me approach the body from the outside, through the representation, which was at times challenging and touched on fundamental issues:

  • Self-portrayal - representation
  • Self-ascriptions
  • own body image and body perception
  • Selfie - Selfie culture
  • self-obsession
  • Confrontation with one's own fears and fears as omnipresent currency in our society
  • where is the joy and wat is the motor of the movements?
  • Music and dance
  • Cindy Sherman

Again and again the questions:

What do I enjoy?

What can dance/movement do?

Research residency at Uferstudios by Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg in collaboration with the Embassy of Luxemburg in Berlin


Residency at Uferstudios, Berlin

I feel very grateful for the last 6 weeks I was able to spend in residency at the Uferstudios in Berlin
Thank you Uferstudios, Kultur | lx - Arts Council Luxembourg and the Embassy of Luxemburg in Berlin for making this possible!

I had the immense pleasure to spend time, research and deeply exchange with several people from the field of dance, music and dramaturgy.
🙏🏻Thank you Joséphine Evrard, Maja Zimmermann, Heike Bröckerhoff, Kasia Wolinska, Thomas Schaupp, Marc Lohr and Diethild Meier for accepting my invitation.
It has been a deeply nurturing and refreshing journey ✨ and I’m looking forward for more.


IETM Network

Last week I spend 5 inspiring days in Danemark at the IETM Plenary Meeting (in Aarhus with a Pre Day at Earthwise Residence)

"Living on the edge" - talking about ecology and sustainability , art and activism

So many beautiful encounters and deep exchanges are filling my heart. It has been difficult topics and it was very enriching to be able to sit with these topics together with peers.
I am looking forward to now digest and integrate and continue these conversations in my surrounding and at the next meeting
Big shout out to the organization and all the participants, it’s been an honor to spend time together.

🙏🏻 @kulturlx for support


slowly slowly

In the last weeks I have been taking it a little easier and am slowly recovering from the intense time of the creation and touring time around Weaver. I started to read again and stroll around exhibitions and nature, and my curiosity is awakening again.

It is still some weeks, but slowly I start to wrap my mind around the upcoming research residency happening at Uferstudios Berlin. I have the immense chance to have been granted a 6 weeks residency organized by Kultur LX | Arts council Luxembourg.

Looking forward!


Interview on culture.lu

Thank you Godefroy Gordet for this interview for @culture.lu
I talk about my work of the past 5years, the trilogy (Warrior, Dreamer, Weaver), of my time being associated artist at Neimënster, about feminism and thoughts around my art
… and all this in french 🙃

Have a look

Dans sa série, Anne-Mareike Hess s’affirme femme, au-delà de toutes descriptions connues, d’abord en guerrière, puis en rêveuse, et enfin tisserande, se muant en autant de symboles pour servir la construction de nouvelles notions variables, par la déconstruction d’anciennes idées fixes. Ainsi, avec elle, nous retraçons cinq années de travail jusqu’à ce stupéfiant final, qui n’a rien d’une fin à proprement parler. Une poignée de questions qui se sont transformées en une véritable et passionnante rétrospective de son parcours et ses aspirations actuelles.


we made it

We made it! ✨

Creation - done
Premier - done
14 shows - done

The last months have been very challenging and exciting at the same time and now I am filled with gratitude and joy (and I am completely exhausted)! 😅
Every bone in my body hurts, but I am grateful for this process and the great team of collaborators. We have created something powerful that feels important and I am deeply touched by the responses of the audiences.
Now we take a little break and hopefully we will be back on stage soon.


Weaver in the press

Jérôme Quiqueret  wrote an article about Weaver for Tageblatt

read the full article here


Weaver in the press

Here are some excerpts of Marie-Laure Rolland for La Glaneuse 29.3.2023

"Choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess concludes her trilogy on the female body with a veritable tour de force. In 45 minutes and with a minimal scenic setup, it shows the story of centuries of oppression, without complacency on the responsibility of women themselves in a system that is starting to crack.“

"They leave the room with a determined step, arm raised, fist clenched on the stick which now no longer symbolizes oppression but the struggle for liberation. It's a strong image, expected in a certain way at the time of #MeToo, but the path to get there is as radical as it is masterful on the choreographic level."

read the full article here


Weaver is out - and on tour

WEAVER is out✨

It has been a long and intense process. We laughed and cried together. I feel so much gratitude for this experience and for my dear team that supported, trusted and followed me on this adventure.
✨ Laura Lorenzi, Julia B.Laperrière, Lynn Scheidweiler, Thomas Schaipp, Marc Lohr, Brice Durand , Mélanie Planchard

Now it’s out and I am so much looking forward to share it with different audiences.
In case you missed the 3 sold out shows @neimenster last weekend, there is another chance this friday 31.3. at 20h to catch Weaver in Luxembourg- more precisely in Echternach @trifolionechternach

Further dates here:
- April 14-16 at @weld_insta
- April 20-23 at @skogen_masthuggsterrassen
- April 27-30 at @dock_11_


residency at Neimënster

2 weeks to the Premier! Working hard!

Lisa Tsumakova visited us and took some insights.

Here is also a little video


back to the studio

We spent 2 wonderful weeks at Dock11 Eden in Berlin. Accompanied by storm, rain, even hail and only a few precious moments if sun ☀️ it was wonderful to come back and dig into the creation of Weaver together with Laura Lorenzi and Julia B.Laperrière

From the vast pool of material we touched during our first research phase in autumn, we stripped down and reduced a lot. We got some wonderful input and support on breathing and voice by Joséphine Evrard

This felt at times very fragile, but also inspiring… looking forward to the next steps.


In the press

Thank you Anina Valle Thiele for writing this portrait in Luxemburger Wort

The Luxembourgish dancer and choreographer pushes the limits. She follows her own way with seriousness and creativity and is in tune with herself.

"Anne-Mareike seems more reflective than other artists. Perhaps her choreographies are also individual steps or layer that she has put on and peeled off over time, just like the skins of an onion in order to see herself and the world more clearly.


Residency insight - Weaver

„Weaver“ - residency insights

What if the first human-made tool wasn’t a weapon but a basket?
What if we would not tell a hero story but the story of process?
How do you even do that in a dance work?
What would it be to not work from a place of struggle, but from a place of ease?

These are some of the questions we carried with us during our 2-weeks research residency in October @oespacodotempo

They were inspired by „The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction“ by Ursula K. Le Guin.

With @lori_lorenzi & @juliabl.co
📸 @ly______nn



„Weaver“ - New creation in the making! 💫
I spent the last two weeks in residency at wonderful @oespacodotempo
It was a very special and intense time. After several years working on solos, this new creation will be a trio. I have invited @juliabl.co and @lori_lorenzi to join me in the studio. These last two weeks, we got to know each other on and off studio, we danced and sang together and planted some seeds for this new adventure!💫
Let the journey begin!

Premier will be end of March 2023!
Stay tuned!

🙏🏻 @kulturlx for supporting this residency
🙏🏻 @oespacodotempo for having us and taking care of us


IETM Network

The IETM Network Plenary meeting in Belgrade comes to an end.

I am a member of this network since mid 2021, but only now could I have my first live experience to meet all the inspiring members.


After 3 full days of listening, reflecting, connecting and exchanging with other members of the network I feel inspired and full of questions.

I am looking forward to dig deeper at further meetings thanks to the support of the IETM grant by @kulturlx 🙏🏻


Internationale Tanzmesse NRW

From 31.8.-3.9.2022 I will be at Internationale Tanzmesse NRW in Düsseldorf (D) together with some of my colleagues. We were selected by Kultur LX and TROIS C-L to represent our work and the luxembourgish dance scene. We will be present at Booth n•7.

Thank you for this invitation.

Looking forward to meet an reconnect to friends, colleagues and other professionals from the international scene.

Click on the picture to watch a short video about my work.

Video by SKIN



What a great way to kick off this new season!
This last weekend was a blast. 4 shows of „Warrior“ at Dock11 in Berlin (DE) are done and I want to thank my dear friends, colleagues and strangers that came to see the show. 💫

It feels so good to be on stage again and to feel the power of this solo.
Magic✨ happened during the shows and the words and reactions of the audience filled my heart 🤍
Created in 2018, this solo is still so painfully relevant and necessary….



Yes I know, I don't teach very regularely, but in the last two weeks I had the opportunity to give workshops at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst (HfMDK) in Frankfurt/Main and at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig and it was very much fun.

In Frankfurt I had the opportunity to rediscover the school where I graduated many years ago and enjoy the many changes that have happend since then.

In Leipzig I had the pleasure to meet and exchange with artists from so many different backgrounds and artistic practices.

Thank you for these inspiring opportunities.


Le corps en etat d'urgence

On May 31st was the Premier of the documentary about my work "Anne-Mareike Hess: Le corps en etat d'urgence" by Marie-Laure Rolland and Bohumil Kostohryz.

Here you can get some insights into the making of the film (in french): click

It was a weirdly uncomfortable to see myself on screen, but also a nice and exciting experience and I am glad so many people showed up at the screening.

Stay tuned for more screening dates.



Currently I am in a 2 week residency at Neimënster in Luxembourg to take some concentrated time to dive into my research for the upcoming production “Weaver”.


With "Weaver", a dance piece for three female dancers, I would like to use the image of weaving and its inherent creative potential of connecting and net-working and transfer it into a contemporary choreographic reflection on our society today - a story in which past and future, individual and collective fate of the female body are interwoven into the dense fabric of social togetherness.

This research is supported by "Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR"

This photo shows a detail of an artwork by Claudia Hill seen at Bärenzwinger Berlin


Documentary soon out!

Two years ago, I got asked by Marie-Laure Rolland and Bohumil Kostohryz if they could follow the creation process of the solo Dreamer and create a documentary movie about my work.

Now, after many months of shooting during the rehearsals leading up to the premier in December 2021, the film is nearly done and I am so excited to be able to discover the final result, together with an audience on May 31stat 19h at Neimënster in Luxembourg.

Further dates will follow.

This is so exciting!✨

It has been a new and sometimes challenging experience for me to be followed by a camera and to be exposed to the gaze of Marie-Laure Rolland and Bohumil Kostohryz and to their questions and projections. How to stay authentic while being watched? How to stay in the not knowing and the preciousness of an artistic process while being watched? It has been a very interesting process of opening for me and it made me grow in many ways. I am very grateful for this opportunity and the insistence, curiosity, enthusiams and interest of Marie-Laure and Bohumil.


Swedish review on Dreamer

We have a new review!

Thomas Olsson wrote for  Svenka Dagbladet after seeing the show on 1.4. at Weld in Stockholm. Here are some excerpts:

"With its equally intense and conscious presence, both physically and mentally, in the stripped-down room, it is about a body in constant change. A physicality which in its ambivalent state seems as strong as it is fragile."

"The body that is given shape in "Dreamer" wants as much to create its own image of itself as to play with all the ideas and conventions associated with the female body. The cast between the unprotected child and the sexually challenging or the art-historically referring body can be sharp in a work that requires both the audience's attention and the dancer's absolute presence. As if to emphasize that everything is stored in the same body. A body that holds the unprotected, the sexually challenging and the art-historical referring.

What the Berlin- and Luxembourg-based dancer and choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess portrays in her hour-long solo is as much a dream state as a nightmare-like or a surreal scenario where some kind of body frees itself and takes place in the room."

(google translated from swedish)


Tour Dreamer & Warrior

This is how you end a tour...with a beautiful dinner with the audience on stage!

Thank dear audience, team and partners for this intense experience of the last 2,5 weeks.✨
We rocked 12 shows of Dreamer and Warrior in 4 cities and experienced beautiful moment and encounters.
Magic happend in may ways!✨
Now everything is packed back in suitcases, resting and loading for next time!

Thank you Dock11 (DE), BoraBora Dans og Visuelt Teater in Aaurhus (DK), Weld (SE) and Skogen (SE) for your trust and thank you Kultur LX for the support


Crossing borders in Mainz

Beautiful encounters at the „crossing borders“ meeting happening within the context of Theatertage Rheinland-Pfalz.
Connecting and exchanging and happy to discover the works of some artist colleagues from Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Thank you KulturLX for the mobility support


residency at Neimënster (LU)

Since 14.2. I am in residency at Neimënster in Luxembourg in the context of the "Associated artist" program. This is now my 3rd and last week of working in this wonderful studio/office.

I have mainly been working on the organization of upcoming projects and fostering new ideas for the future. It has been challenging at times with what is going on in the world. Luckily I was visited regularely by two pigeons, making love at the window...hope


Dreamer: sketches of an artistic process

In line with the premier of Dreamer💫 we published a booklet with contributions by Thomas Schaupp, Mélanie Planchard , Luca de Vitis / The Holy Garbage, Zee J. Hartmann, Marie-Laure Rolland and the skillful graphic design by Julie Conrad Design Studio.

Find more information about the publication here

During January and February you can discover some major highlights of the booklet on the socials. There will be a post every week.

Follow me on the socials and stay posted


Dreamer - We did it!

One week ago we were celebrating the Premier of Dreamer!💫
I am so proud of this work and happy I could finaly share it with the audience.

I am nothing without my team, supporters and audience. So I hereby would to take the opportunity and thank:
Thomas Schaupp, Mélanie Planchard, Marc Lohr, Brice Durand, Sousana Eang, Natalie von Laufenberg, utopic productions, Neimënster, TROIS C-L, Weld, Skogen, FOCUNA, Ministère de Culture Luxembourg, BoraBora Aarhus, Tanzhaus Zürich


Photo by Bohumil Kostohryz


Call for female identifying professional dancers

For the new project Weaver, choreographer and performer Anne-Mareike is looking for two female identifying dancers.


The creation period will take place in Berlin, in Luxembourg and in a residency abroad between October 2022 and March 2023, with the Premier in Luxembourg end of March 2023 and further performances in 2023.


About the project :

With "Weaver", a dance piece for three female identifying dancers, choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess would like to use the image of weaving and its inherent creative potential of connecting and net-working and transfer it into a contemporary choreographic reflection on our society today - a story in which past and future, individual and collective fate of the female body are interwoven into the dense fabric of social togetherness. 

"Weaver" is a continuation of the research along the deconstruction of gender stereotypes.




  • Background and training in contemporary dance techniques
  • Experience and interest in improvisation with the focus on working with imagination and emotional states as a base to create a specific and highly articulated movement vocabulary.
  • Feeling comfortable gathering material from the improvisations that can be repeated
  • Strong stage presence
  • Feeling comfortable with using your voice and singing
  • Feeling comfortable with contributing to the research and creation by engaging in the topic, thinking along with the team and searching for a personal connection to the topic
  • Professionalism, ability to work independently and in a team


What I offer:

  • Paid 8-9 weeks of rehearsals, in Berlin and in Luxembourg and in a residency abroad.
  • Accommodation provided in Luxembourg and at the residency abroad
  • Note : accommodation in Berlin is not provided
  • Travels related to the project
  • Work in a great team of artists
  • Touring of the work after the premier



Rehearsals will be planned in different blocks between october and december 2022 and February and March 2023

Premiere: 24.-26 of March Neimënster Luxembourg


If you might be someone I am looking for, please write a few sentences about yourself (responding to requirements) and send a short video of you dancing to



Deadline for sending applications: January 5th 2022


Selected people will be invited to a studio session in Berlin or in Luxembourg between mid January and end of February


Please have a look at our website to familiarise yourself with the style of the work before getting in touch.


More about the choreographer and the company:





Dreamer in process...💫

One month to go to the premier at Neimënster in Luxembourg. Get your tickets here. Limited seats!

Photo by Mélanie Planchard


Charlotte's Journey with Anne-Mareike Hess

A few months ago I had this nice encounter with @charlotte_inred 🎥

I talk about my journey of becoming a dancer and choreographer and about my way of working 💫
Check it out on their YouTube channel

Photo by Antje Taiga


The Press is talking about...

Thank you culture.lu for this nice interview.

Here you can read the full article


Through the wire is back

New round of "Through the Wire" sessions are available in Luxembourg  @Neimënster, sign up now! 📞 #TTW
Get your spot ➡️ +352 26 20 52 1


Back in the studio

💫After one year of break we are finally back in the studio working on the creation of the solo „Dreamer“.💫
The first 3 days I was mainly trying to dive back into the univers of the Dreamer, revisiting material and thoughts 💭


Back to the office

Monday!! Back to the office
Working on ideas and organization of the upcoming projects #throughthewire 📞 and #dreamer
Stay tuned for dates and more insights💫


Behind the scenes of Warrior...

On the occasion of the performance of "Warrior" at the Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg on th 3rd of September, we have released 2 behind the scene videos on social media.

Have a look✨

Here & here


The Press is talking about...

Beginning of July I was performing the extended version "Warrior -  durationally unplugged" at the New Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius. And this is what Dovilė Zavedskaitė wrote in Menų Faktūra about the performance (translated from Lithuanian):

After watching the performance at the National Gallery of Art - which brought me to meditative states - I remembered a conversation with the dancer Lukas Karvelis, in which he said: 'When I dance, nothing scares me. Then I feel like the strongest man in the world, with no fears.' Anne Mareike Hess is also the strongest person on the planet in her performance, who slowly but surely owns the space with movement, breath, singing and gaze. Not merely taking, but taking and occupying. I don't even want to use metaphors - what I see here is not a fight or a warrior, but a moving body, at first alien to the space, and finally so necessary to the space that without the dancer there is almost a hole.”

Find the full article here

And a second article here

Photo by Dmitrijus Matvejevas


 New Facebook page

I've finally got a Facebook page dedicated to my work. If you want to stay updated and connected, follow utopic productions by Anne-Mareike Hess! ✨


"It's impressive. It's fierce. It's vulnerable."

Jonas Schildermann and Zee Hartemann have been sharing their reading of the solo "Warrior" at Springback Magazine.

Thank you very much!

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Photo by Andrej Lamut


"Warrior - durationally unplugged" at New Baltic Dance

Last weekend was magical.

I performed the new extended version of the solo "Warrior" at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius in the context of the New Baltic Dance Festival

The space was beautiful

The audience was beautiful

And performing this extended version brought me to new places in the material and in the emotionality. What a trip!

Thank you Gintaré Masteikaite and New Baltic Dance for inviting me and giving me this chance.

Thank you Dmitrij Matvejev for the great photos


"Warrior" back on stage

...sings the warrior.

This week I‘ll perform my solo “Warrior“ on saturday June 26th, Live at Summer ReCollection Festival by Aerowaves in Ljubljana

Since a few days I am back in the studio, rehearsing to get back to the piece and find the warrior in me. It is a very rewarding and pleasurable process.

I am looking forward to be on stage again.


Traces from "Through the wire"

These are Traces from last weeks sessions of the one-on-one telephone performance „Through the wire„ at boraboradans

"I had a very wonderful experience - both flying and sinking  deeply into the ground of the forest. I actually feel both happy -  laughing and energized! Thank you!"

It is a great honor to share these special moments with the participants.

You can find more traces here


Warrior - durationally unplugged

It‘s official!
On July 2&3 I‘ll be performing my solo „Warrior“ in a adapted 2h durationally unplugged version at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius in the context of the New Baltic Dance Festival.

This is gonna be so exciting to perform live and meet the audience.

I am also looking forward to be back at the studio and work on this adapted version.


"Through the wire " is back!

Next week the project „Through the wire“ is being hosted by Bora Bora in Aarhus (DK). I am very much looking forward meeting 10 different participants for 10 one-on-one telephone conversations.

10 hours imagining dances!!!

BoraBora has produced a little teaser, that can be watched here


End of residency

3 weeks of residency at Neimënster come to an end.

I was working among others on my research „choreographing identities“.
It was intense and as always a big pleasure to have the privilege to spend this concentrated time in this wonderful place.

Tonight I'll have a short research presentation at TROIS C-L, sharing some thoughts and images with a small audience.


"Wearing the skin of your teacher"

In the context of my current research "choreographing idetities" I had the pleasure last week to spend 2 days with choreographer Jee-Ae Lim. Jee-Ae gave me an introduction into korean traditional dance and on the basis of this experience we discussed about how specific movement and body posture carry some kind of values and create identity. And how these movements and values are passed over from generation to generation through embodyment. Very inspiring!


My Life as a choreographer at La Glaneuse

Begining 2020 I have accepted to write regularely at La Glaneuse’s Carte blanche to take the reader into the intimacy of my work. In this new episode, the reader discovers how the pandemic led me to imagine “Though the wire”, a project that allows me to reconnect differently with the public.

Read the full article here


new research project - choreographing identities

Last week I have started a new reasearch project called "choreographing identities. I would like to explore how the practice of specific coded movements, postures and gestures affects and shapes the body and identity of a person and vice versa.

Today I have invited Pit Vinandy and his avatar Cyperpier to learn about his approach of working in virtual reality.

Excited to see where this will go.


10 sessions done!

Today was the last of the first series of 10 one-on-one sessions of the project "Through the wire"@Neimënster. It has been a great journey and I amgreatful to have met with 10 wonderful participants creating and sharing some heartwarming and magic moments together.

This has been the start of a longer journey. Stay tuned for more sessions to come.

Connected Through the wire

Here are some traces the participants left on the wall. Beautiful memories.


Talking about

Today on air at Radio 100,7

Thank you Valerija Berdi for the nice interview and giving me the chance to talk about the upcoming project Through the wire and my experiences from 2020.

Listen to the full interview here

In the meantime I keep on working on the project and it takes more and more shape.

Today we finished the light and scenography, creating a dreamy space for the participants to sit comfortably and immerse into the experience

Book your spot (https://www.neimenster.lu/) and join me for a intimate one-on-one conversation.


Residency @ neimënster (LU)

Today neimënster had organized a press conference on Zoom, where I talked about my first year as associated artist, looing back at turbulent 2020 and presenting my porjects and plans for 2021. It was a great pleasure to have this opportunity to express myself.

Now I go back to working on the creation of Through the Wire and together with Mélanie Planachard and the technical crew of the house, we work on creating a special room, where the audience member will experience the one to one session. On monday we had fun diving into the furniture storage of this place!

Book your spot here:



Through the wire - creation

End of the month is the premier of the project “Through the wire”! A project happening in form of one-to-one phone calls between me and one participant. The sessions will be hosted by Neimënster. Check out the dates!

So far it is a very interesting process with so many new challenges and input...there is so much to learn! I have already started to work and exchange with dramaturg Thomas Schaupp, costum designer Mélanie Planchard and coach Yoav Shavit. Wow, it is a whole new univers, trying to create a choreographic experience only over the phone!

Stay tuned.


Back to practice

The pandemic of the last 12 months has fundamentally changed my relationship with my own body and with other bodies. It's hard to describe, but distance, mistrust, restraint, isolation, waiting, restricted breathing - all of these aspects created a kind of alienation and changed my body feeling. I notice an increasing distance between me and my movement practice. Therefore, I feel the strong need to spend regular time in the studio and to get back to my movement practice outside of specific projects. What has changed?


This week I worked on rhythms. Through improvisation, noticing my patterns and listening to music, getting inspired to use different rhythms.

I realize how important music is in my practice, it is strongly coloring what I do.

Become the drum, become the piano. Singing with my sternum, beatboxing with my pelvis.

To be continued...


Our eyes

Little experiment in times of pandemic circumstances. Invited by Centre de création chorégraphique TROIS C-L, I created this small project Our eyes. Yesterday I performed it 8 times in a row. Intense experience.

This performance exists only through the momentary meeting of our eyes: My eyes and the spectator’s eyes. We are keeping the contact as long as it lasts. My body is simultaneously expressing through dance, what happens in this meeting.

I am very grateful for this experience. Performing in front of an audience in such an intimate setting and after such a long time was intense and heartwarming at the same time.

Thank you dear participants for your kindness and openness.


January News

I want to start this New Year by sending you all a virtual hug and by saying THANK YOU for your trust und support!
2020 has no doubt been a little upside down for all of us. Now I am looking forward and am open to embrace all the challenges and beautiful surprises 2021 has to offer. Check here for some positive news.