Artistic processes are not linear, but chaotic, associative, erratic, and emotional. The line between the personal and the artistic often blurs and stimulates the creative process. Many topics and approaches are being considered, tested, and discarded. Moods and atmospheres in the studio as well as in the group of collaborators influence the process. Many voices have their say and give their input. The final dance piece is a concentrate of all these approaches and tries, like a well-composed perfume.


Dreamer: sketches of an artistic process was created between August and November 2021 during the creation process of the solo Dreamer. This publication is an attempt to give the interested reader insights into this dense fabric behind the final piece and thereby diversify and expand the possible readings and receptions of Anne-Mareike Hess artistic work in general and the solo Dreamer in particular.

Language: English

Format: A5

40 Pages

The publication is available as a printed version for 5 € (+shipping costs)

The publication is also available in a digitial version free to download

Idea & concept : Anne-Mareike Hess

content by : Anne-Mareike Hess, Thomas Schaupp, Mélanie Planchard, Zee Hartmann, Marie-Laure Rolland, Luca de Vitis (The Holy Garbage)

Proofreading : Alexander Hess

Graphic design: Julie Conrad Design Studio

Print: Reka print

Published by: utopic productions

With the support of Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg & Neimënster