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*due to the implementation of preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in several countries the

following dates for Warrior are cancelled or postponed: April 17+18+19 @ Dock11 Berlin (D), April 25 @ Spring Forward Festival Rijeka (HR), May 8 @ New Baltic Dance Festival Vilnius (LT), May 30 @ Burgenländische Tanztage (AT)

* the 4 weeks research residency research residency @ BORABORA residency center (DK) happening in March had to be interrupted due to the current situation.

* A new production in the making: the solo Dreamer will be premiering in December 2020 at Neimenster (LU) Stay tuned!

* Anne-Mareike has been selected with her solo Warrior by the european dance plattform AEROWAVES as one of their Twenty20 artists

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