©Anne-Mareike Hess

Through the wire




Through the wire is the intimate meeting between choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess and one audience member in a one-to-one phone call. Our voices meet in the ether. Time and space are suspended, and we will slowly enter a fantastic world of dance, only through the power of our minds and intertwining words: What kind of dances, movements, bodies and spaces can we create together in the blackboxes of our minds?


In the last year we all painfully had to learn what it means to live in physical distance to each other. Born out of the need to re-create the experience of the liveness of the performance, Through the wire offers a mutual listening and a new way of experiencing dance and movement.

If you want to participate in a Through the wire - conversation, you sign up for a slot on the website of the theaters hosting the project (see below and schedule for further details) or just contact me directly via email.

The conversation will be conducted via internet connection but without any video transmission. We will not see each other.

Each of the conversation will last for roundabout 45min-50min.


Possible languages: English, German, French and Luxembourgish.




- 27+28+30+31.3. + 1.4.2021: 10x at Neimënster [LU]

- 31.5.-4.6.2021: 10 x at BoraBora Theater, Aarhus [DK]

- 23+27+28+30+31.10.2021: 10x at Neimënster [LU]

Concept & performance: Anne-Mareike Hess

Dramaturgical advice: Thomas Schaupp

Scenographical advice: Mélanie Planchard

Advice: Yoav Shavit

Produced by: utopic productions

Creation support: Neimënster Luxembourg, BoraBora Theater Aarhus

Contracted by Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg