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Synchronization in process


A vehement desire for being one in one time in a choreography in which body, sound and light successively dissolve into each other…

Synchronization in process is a choreographic essay on our constant striving for global synchronicity and a balanced ecology of time. It especially focuses on the powerful role the processes of synchronization play in our togetherness. The audience is invited into a vibrant space in which sound, light and three performers indulge into the extremes of the subtle, yet all-pervading forces of synchronization – a constant negotiation of approaching each other and grooving into inside and outside rhythms that culminates into a dense fabric of interwoven relations.

Concept & choreography: Anne-Mareike Hess

Performance: Naama Ityel, Sunniva Vikor Egenes, Anne-Mareike Hess

Sound design: Marc Lohr

Scenography & costume: Katrin Fürst

Light design: Brice Durand

Dramaturgy : Thomas Schaupp

Thanks to: Jérôme Konen

creation support: Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois - TROIS C-L

Support: Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg, Fonds culturel national, Fondation Indépendance, Botschaft des Großherzogtums Luxemburg in Deutschland, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, Dock 11, Weld


Anne-Mareike Hess’ latest choreographic creation analyses the way we’ve become humanoids.

[The three dancers] clothes are trivially identical - and so are their physiognomy and their body language. Their faces are haggard and their mouths are inordinately far open -  which is  reminiscent of Munch’s The Scream. They seem to be the victims of a modern existential fear. The continuous sounds that are inflicted upon them - a repetitive and syncopated music and disharmonious sound effects force them into a epileptic trance which slowly derives their body of its dynamics and, consequently, life.

These sounds, combined with a cold, stroboscopic and aggressive lighting, constitute the only décor. Nature seems to be absent. Maybe it has already been destroyed. In a society whose main concerns are acceleration, profitability and self-forgetfulness benefiting a community and it’s so-called progress, nature, which invites us to be slow, contemplative and patient, seems to be a plague.

The picture Anne-Mareike Hess draws of these pavlovian behavioral pattern is realistically scary. A little hope remains, though: this worldwide synchronization is currently just « in process ». We may still turn things around.

Synchronization in process is a radical piece, also in it’s form. The artist, who was awarded the Lëtzebuerger Danzpräis in 2015, will certainly get more honors in the coming years.

OH CE BEAU MONDE GLOBALISÉ, Florence Becanne (3.11.2016) Le Jeudi


November 3rd 2016| Banannefabrik (LU)


November 4th 2016| Banannefabrik (LU)

November 5th 2016| Banannefabrik (LU)

November 10th 2016 | Dock 11 (Berlin, DE)

November 11th 2016| Dock 11 (Berlin, DE)

November 12th 2016 | Dock 11 (Berlin, DE)

November 13th 2016 | Dock 11 (Berlin, DE)

November 18th 2016 | Weld Stockholm (SWE)

November 19th 2016 | Weld Stockholm (SWE)

November 20th 2016 | Weld Stockholm (SWE)

February 2nd 2017 | Inkonst (Malmö, SWE)