I believe that we are having a dialogue


“I believe that we are having a dialogue” is a dance performance that emphasizes on the simple yet complex notion of being together. We are together on stage – moving and speaking - creating a space where possible moments of togetherness can be experienced. The feeling of togetherness is a fugitive phenomena that constantly needs to be re-negotiated and re-experienced in order to exist. In our performance we are consciously letting this negotiation be visible, as it involves our agreements and virtues as well as our misunderstandings and shortcomings.

Can you feel what I feel? When do we actually experience togetherness?

The piece was developed during a period of 4 months living apart in summer 2011 and 9 weeks of non-stop togetherness in winter 2011-2012, while working in residence at Labor Gras in Berlin, Trois C-L in Luxembourg and Jojo dance centre in Oulu.

When listening to these women, time stands still somewhere in the extreme depth of human existence.

(Petri Kauppninen for Kaleva newspaper Oulu 15.3.2012)

They always relate to each other and they address intimacy without melting into a couple. They keep their boundaries without being separated at any moment. Intimacy here, is not a matter of psychology and nearly doesn't touch narration. Intimacy here, is grounded on a deep understanding of the other one's way to act as a mover. The two women share their ideas about how to be together without loosing yourself. They offer a kind of coexistence of individuality and commonality.”

(Christiane Berger, Berlin)

Concept & Performance: Anne-Mareike Hess & Sandra Lolax

Outside eye: Christiane Berger

light design: Jari Haavikko

Co-production: Trois C-L, le Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg.

Support: Jojo Oulu Dance Center, Labor Gras Berlin, Svensk-österbottniska Samfundet rf., Fondation Indépendance Luxembourg, Institut Culturel Finlandais, Fonds Culturel National Luxembourg


16. + 17.3. 2012 Valvesali Oulu, Finnland

23. + 24.2012 Draamasali, Vaasa, Finnland

21. + 22.4.2012 Banannefabrik, Luxemburg

29.4.2012 Uferstudios Berlin, Germany (showing)

3. + 4.5.2012 Inkonst, Malmö, Schweden

14.+15.9.2012 Kutomo, Turku, Finnland

29.+30.11.2012 Weld, Stockholm Schweden


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