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With "Warrior" (w.t.), her new dance solo, choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess creates a character that strives for becoming an "emotional warrior" - a warrior of love. Filled with the idealistic desire to save the world, she trains relentlessly for her impending fight. But the more she strives, the more she despairs of her own idealistic demands.


Within a distorted and at the same time soft soundscape composed of voices emerges a profoundly poetic image of human disruption. A dancing body caught by the perpetual aspiration for harmony. "Warrior" (w.t.) is a choreographic reflection in a time in which the great feelings seems to be nothing more than a relic of the past.





Choreography & dance: Anne-Mareike Hess

Sound design: Marc Lohr

Costume: Mélanie Planchard

Light design: Brice Durand

Dramaturgy : Thomas Schaupp

Artistic advice: Rosalind Goldberg


Coproduction: Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, Weld Stockholm, Skogen

creation support: Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois - TROIS C-L

Support: Fonds culturel national Luxembourg, Fondation Indépendance

Residencies: Dancehouse Melbourne (AUS), Skogen (SE), O espaço do Tempo Montemor-O-Novo (PT)


December 7th 2018| Salle Robert Krieps Neimënster (LU)



December 8th 2018| Salle Robert Krieps Neimënster (LU)

December 9th 2018| Salle Robert Krieps Neimënster (LU)

February 14th 2019 | Dock 11 (Berlin, DE)

February 15th 2019 | Dock 11 (Berlin, DE)

February 16th 2019 | Dock 11 (Berlin, DE)

February 17th 2019 | Dock 11 (Berlin, DE)

February 28th 2019 | Weld Stockholm (SE)

March 1st 2019 | Weld Stockholm (SE)

March 2nd 2019 | Weld Stockholm (SE)


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